Code of projects I have worked on or contributed to:

  • My PL Zoo Implementations of various toy programming languages.

  • Closed Forms A prototypical tool demonstrates analysis and verification by translating low-level code to high-level collective forms.

  • JAAM JVM Abstracting Abstract Machine, an abstract interpreter for JVM bytecode in Scala.

  • LLAAM A prototypical abstract interpreter for a subset of LLVM IR in C++.

  • Omega An Omega Test implementation in Scala.

  • DFA Dataflow analyses (reaching definitions, very busy, available expressions, live vars) in Racket.

  • SAT.rkt A DPLL SAT solver in Racket.

  • Sudoku Various Sudoku generators and solvers in Racket and SML.

  • 2048.idr Game 2048 in Idris.

Open-source software contributions: